Image 1- Freedom of Mind


“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake.”



– Henry David




“There is no religion, higher than humanity… no matter how the world and their dictatorship overshadow us… humankind will always have the final say – humanity is a beautiful mechanism when it works with the fabric of our society…”







The investigation of the body of knowledge is a manuscript. A rapport or journey that indicates the functions or vital mechanisms of the anatomy… Instigating the body through the measures of self-control – against the conundrums of our society. Why is humanity a vital process within our existence – and why is our human presence so turbulent…? Everything concerning the tree of knowledge will be discussed profoundly – to understand the subsistence of the anatomy…






What is the body of knowledge about…? This is an exploration of the flesh and tissue of our existence – that is focused on the transformation of the anatomy… Forward movement is the main objective… A scientific investigation looking at both the ideals of evolution and revolution… How these energies construct the anatomy – through our generic codes will be explored… This topic isn’t light hearted – the philosophy of this knowledge is around how we evolve – and how the energies of evolution and revolution – implement inside the human system… This study is about our hominid survival – as species…! It’s taken over seventeen years to device this theory, and within a personal perception. This has been a profound and meaningful experience. As I was examining this theory, I found solace in my own being…! Our transformations are self-conscious changes within our characteristics. The profusion – we gain from every grain of pain – allows us to rise above the lather…! It helps us to see the other side of humanity… The process of our transformations – brings clarity and justice to our inner-being… and allows us to be a ‘complete anatomy’…!






However – every philosophy leads to a chain of questions… This idea starts in the same modus – and the first exploration endures… indisputably – about our existence… Who are we and what are we doing here…? What is the reasoning of our continuation – and what is the circulation of the tree of life…? Why is our social interaction – and our connection with others important…? What is the science of reasoning – through this transition of change…? 






As humans – we are a species of “togetherness and social interaction” – we are not intended for isolation. However, with the current conundrums in our cultivation – we hinder inside the human failures of segregation…!






There are various complications in the fabric of our society – and there are numerous ways of viewing this ideology… The importance of this knowledge is between our mind and the anatomy… this communication is the most profound knowledge – that we can gain about our subsistence… This theory studies the system of our cellular manifestation – through our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns… The anatomy speaks to us – but we don’t listen to it… It’s all about the tree of life… and how well we respond to this atmosphere…






Philosophy itself – forms a complete circulation of our human knowledge. This weighs both the material and spiritual worlds in one component…! The essential aspect of our thought process is about coming into our knowingness…! These are the fundamental facets that support our transformations… The human body can work in two different ways – this will implement in how a person thinks…! We can contemplate – with our animal nature or we can think emotionally – in a psychological manner. What happens when we unify these two thinking patterns together…? What type of chemistry is formed inside the body…? What are the effects…? It will all be explored within the body of knowledge…This science of reasoning forms the vital process of change in our atmosphere… how and why…? We will investigate – and both of these outcomes will be perceived… differently. The aphorism of the body of knowledge states – for a human to become a complete unification of its being – one must compile with both forms of consciousness. Both apparatuses of evolution and revolution are progressive mechanisms for our survival…!






Our experiences are lessons, and if we can learn from these pitfalls – we can move on from these circumstances. We can improve our existence… by resolving these situations in and around us. Our societies and our personal predilections can indicate how, why and where our human growth is triggered.  What this knowledge wants to explore is how it affects the anatomy… These are two different apparatuses forming within the mind and brain. We are all connected to one another – in this fabric within our society – each time indentations merge within this fabric… We alter the whole civilisation or the movement of our social structure. Therefore, we are moving together in this human development.






Our human development will look at the ethics of evolution – to observe how individuals and societies progress through their behaviour – across the association of time and space…  There is a production in how and why people and society’s flock in one consciousness… It implicates how capitalism or the unity of one social opinion is stronger than an individual intelligence… Living with one trait and one form of consciousness brings security, systemisation, and production… But others become outcasts in this structure, a foreign embodiment…! The fabric of our society begins to fragment, and people become more stagnated… Humanity is not about isolation – it’s about human togetherness.  Time and space is a progressive movement, it doesn’t work on the dependency of routine or a static environment – this halts the growth of our human development. However, as we progress within the transformation of time – we ordain a reluctance to change – and this is the greatest pit we can dig within our society…! It halts our forward movement…






As time starts to demand change ‘through turmoil and uncertainty’ – our evolution is recalled for modification – in time and space. How does this happen… As these timeworn principles begin to fail – the elements of revolution are called for transformation – and this can be an overthrow of a government or a ‘U-turn’ within our civilisation… Generally, everything within our subsistence faces change – in dynamical and adverse ways…! The anatomy is another machine that indicates change and transformation – we are all part of this movement…






Our cellular manifestation develops through time – and this can take decades, eras and epochs to manifest.  Inside the fabric of our society – the anatomy is conditioned by the movement of time and space… What is time demanding through these changes and what is the purpose of our existence…?






We are human beings, and our subsistence on this earth is to find peace and simplicity… The most profound expeditions take place to draw these conclusions within our existence among the fabric of our society. Why great mountains are made between individuals and the mind – is complex but we find contentment…? This is all about the expedition humanoids take to understand themselves…!






This is the birthplace of the body of knowledge…!






On this platform; we will begin to understand the mediation of these two worlds and see how humanity exists. Through these two complex atoms… a science of knowledge is formed, and this is the prime organism of growth.  It’s not what the body of knowledge states – this is a proven fact conducted through our molecular system…!






What do the elements of evolution and revolution bring into our existence…?






In the body of knowledge, our entire existence is built around the conception of the anatomy… Evolution and revolution are small atoms in the air – they are the negative and positive particles that build every living organism within our environment… to how we evolve and alter – towards what we become and why…?  The elements of this philosophy are intricate and not made up of one compound. The complex structure of this knowledge binds the infrastructure of humanity to the social science of our being… The anatomy complies with these social obstacles – through our internal mechanisms – we are tightly intertwined to this atmosphere. The question is how we are woven by this structure of knowledge… are we oppressed in chains or are we moving freely forward with this system…?






How does this work…?






The heart of the body of knowledge – is about the investigation of the anatomy. It looks at the process of cells, atoms and particles that conform with the two energies of evolution and revolution – against how these energies transmute…? The theory of this knowledge is about change – and how we evolve through our society – as we learn to deal with our subsistence…?  Therefore, how we procreate this one theory within the fabric of our society – will develop how we survive… This needs to be evaluated through our national consciousness that builds our human movement – to see how these operational mechanisms adapt inside the anatomy…?






The body of knowledge is confined by our thought process, this conforms the depth and roots of our identity – through the chakra system. This retains all our emotional intelligence that shapes our inner character… This is a structure of the human body – and the other complex feature of our identity…  Our consciousness is made up of two thinking patterns that nurture our material and spiritual worlds… Both these perceptions have two very different expeditions…!






Therefore, the chakra system represents the spiritual implications within our body. This energy is a process of our human movement. Interestingly, I associate these natural structures to the sociology of our being… as a profound expansion of our human development…! Inside this structure are complex energies that connect us with other hominids… this network builds our social integration. Our political warfare is a biological process, which addresses our human development… This is a natural network within the human system… I can’t impose enough – hominids are not formed for hostility – we are a caring species; we cannot survive without compassion…!






Our animal nature is a platform that forms our material accomplishments – creating a substance connecting our movement with the DNA system… These cells are shaping our development and are living and active molecules within us. We learn to live and play and make mistakes. We manifest through these atoms to form our characterisation. We are a cellular manifestation we grow from each other and this nurtures our likeness and similarity…  We build networks with our associates. How we behave, act and react is a structured process. We respond more to our social conditionings and often choose to flock in this congregation. Bio-chemical reactions are persistently communicating with the body – activating our desirability towards the science of reasoning. Our actions and traits work in adjacent to our sub-conscious behaviour patterns. When we form a clear and concise movement within the anatomy – we can create a positive atmosphere.  We can conform our by-product…!  Live is formed and we can evolve – interact and enhance – this beautiful movement is the construction of humanity.






It is said the first origins of life on earth – surfaced as cells, they have developed over millions and millions of years. These cells have created an identity, shape and structure that has developed how we subsist… We have defined our appearance and modified our structure for our endurance. This comes from the theory of natural selection… that aligns with the tree of life…






Image 2 – Atoms of Energy or Neutrons? 





The body of knowledge is an investigation of the anatomy. This exploration looks through every aspect of our existence… by observing the conditionings within our internal character… The positive and negative implications of our subsistence will question why and how humans evolve…? This exploration will uncover our biological behaviour – to see how we act consciously and sub-consciously – and where our well-being exists…?  It’s about the mind body and soul – and how we fit into this society – we all have a part to play that binds us to the laws of humanity. Why can’t we be detached from this existence that tirelessly keeps us distant from peace and harmony…? The whirlpool of the material world keeps us going in whatever pace or condition it likes… We can be the successes or losers of this system, but neither of us can find peace… What is this void or search from within us… and what are we looking for…?






What is the importance of ‘the body of knowledge’ and what does our internal system communicate to us…?  This is a detailed thesis about understanding the ‘self…’ We enhance our thought process when projecting our knowledge with the universal law – these are natural devices inside the body. These lenses are instruments developing our expeditions… We utilise energies from the spiritual and material worlds, and this influences our thought process… This stimulus is one code that works with our human civilisation.






The chakras systems are metaphysical qualities working with the body of knowledge. There is a reason – why there is a need for obedience inside our societies. When we act against our social and political predilections – we oppose our identity by defending our fear… In this succession, we lose a part of our inner truth. These are the entanglements in the anatomy – communicating through our bio chemical reactions. Responding to these complicated apparatuses within us… What happens when these energies toil inside the anatomy…? These perplexed energies – entwine into each other defining our character – and the deeper we go – the more dependant we come to this process of manipulation…






These behaviours restrain our societies in how we function – our infrastructure in this process becomes oppressed. These atoms are constantly adapting to shape and refine our time within space. The body is a vehicle of the soul, and this journey generates a ‘unique code’ for our existence… The structure of the human body is vital, how we think reflects our persona – every line on our face… marks a characteristic, and these visual features are natural indicators… to one’s attraction, acceptance, judgment or being…






The material and spiritual worlds direct how we think and play in society…? Evolution and revolution are vivacities within our thinking patterns that nurture our cognizance. This system reflects with time and space… circulating complex energies inside the chakra system, which we address per our understanding… These elasticities generate from the elements of evolution and revolution to shape every individual. They modify our societies and operate the fashions of our traits… Therefore, these energies are more like tiny particles of matter within our atmosphere. This knowledge is our survival and without the higher forces this achievement is impossible.






The lack of social governance feeds our emptiness, which induces our psychological expeditions. These meteorological spheres toil inside the chakra system… building our structure according to our thought process – and if we utilize this structure well, we can shape the essence of humanity… filling a gap in the system that we cannot shape within our cogitation alone… This is the coherent fraternity of our consciousness, an experience of life… and without developing the entire architecture of our consciousness – this knowledge is a discredit…!






The science of this theory is built around atoms that multiply inside our environments…  In this cellular manifestation – each particle creates a mindful element of our consciousness…! According to how we build these energies. This theory will navigate through two spheres of energies – forming the vital principles in how the anatomy functions… The journey of this science is within all, past all the forms of discrimination, creed or race… We are all the same, and this knowledge is the uncovered footing of our identity…






And more will be revealed in the body of knowledge…!







            “Great things are done when men and mountains meet”



– William Blake




Jagdeep Takk 2017