DNA structure…!


What are the atoms of knowledge…?  

How can this shape our internal conditionings…?



Can we change how we dwell inside our internal conditionings…?


How do you shape your internal conditioning…?


It’s all about the commitment of the anatomy…!



Thoughts have power – they build this biochemical machinery…!


Be abstact within your every thought or atom…!



We are all cells in this cellular movement…!



We have the power to change…!



“Love all’s creation, the whole and every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants, and love everything. If you love everything you will perceive the divine mystery in things. Once you perceive it you will begin to comprehend it better every day, and you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky



The atoms of knowledge is a science that can help us to conform and process how to circulate our inner energies through the anatomy.  Helping us to navigate our thoughts positively for our biochemical machinery… We can help to unearth past trauma’s and build a recovery process to allow our thoughts to circulate effectively…! When we find wholeness within ourselves, we will attract wholeness within our culture.


What are these atoms of knowledge about and what can we do with these atoms…? This development is an internal process – relating to our bio-chemical reactions… It’s about how we take in information concerning our atmosphere… We are a creation of our surroundings – this is all about our cellular manifestation.  How we retain this knowledge and how we exhale this understanding is vital for our subsistence…



The atoms of knowledge is a development that conforms a deep psychological awareness. Where we can relate to these dynamical changes – which we experience within our internal growth… It’s a much-needed protocol – as mental health and our emotional complications are on the rise…! Humanoids struggle with the undercurrents of their subsistence – we survive in confinements – and are deeply bound by the chains of oppression…!  Who we genuinely are in this process is misplaced…? Therefore, we become a loss of identity – we are more a clone of our social conditionings – than of our stardust material…? The threads of control and manipulation are negative elements – infringing our society into fragments…    



The collision of two energies…!



Stale environments will halt the process of our subsistence… This development is the key aspect for our forward movement…  The reason why humanity is suffering is because we are becoming imprisoned to our social conditionings – and our potential as humanoids is inclining … We are far from our original conditions or transmissions to how the anatomy functions. We are merely a production of control and manipulation – who have no real control of the anatomy… It’s how we control this machine – that allows us to conform our by-product…   Before, we realise that change is needed in our subsistence… We will be deeply entrenched inside the ethics of control and manipulation… As a result – most of our sustenance would have develop through fear, rejection and isolation… This production has shaped how we think and operate with one another… Most of these conditionings aren’t satisfying to the anatomy because they don’t work for our internal subsistence… These bio-chemical reactions are low and short-lived stimuli functions – that keep humanoids in search for fulfilment through our emptiness…   The problem with humanoids is that we keep on pursuing – believing that what we have been taught is the key process of our existence – we are a cellular movement… We are complex humans all mixed up and the other way around… The manifestation of our by-product works through our thought process and with our energy levels. Therefore, to find contentment we need to comprehend – what makes our internal process move forward for our continuation… Active elements inside the science of our anatomy will intensify the mechanisms of our by-product – and this helps us to subsist inside a cycle – that allows our atmosphere to work with the anatomy…      




We are enthralled humanoids and very loyal by nature – our first law is self-defence…!  Our social conditionings on the other hand is developed through fear, isolation and miscalculation – we are complex humanoids inside this atmosphere… with unclear instructions to how we ought to subsist… It’s all about how we survive through our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns – our production is complex – to conform with the entirety of our anatomy doesn’t come easy…




Atoms of knowledge are two particles that shape from the energies of evolution and revolution… What is the process of these two dynamics…? The question is can we accustom, a science of reasoning for our subsistence…?  Can we utilize a production for our emotional intelligence…?  Can we conform our thought process with our survival…? Our internal structure is fragile and uneducated.  We discover the soul through our experiences – this is for our survival – but how can the energies of evolution and revolution help us internally…?




The science of reasoning will be different for each humanoid – this is an internal process, we construct this knowledge ourselves…  Through a sequence of apparitions, life experiences and thought patterns…!




The lessons we learn – we grow from. If we succeed forward and cultivate positively – we will ascend to higher challenges in our forward movement…!  The process of the body of knowledge is to find self-control… in a world of craziness…!  




Humanoids are more than cells that have manifested – this tree of life is about how we consciously and sub-consciously, survive within our subsistence – we have a desire and we all want to achieve something inside our continuation… We are all storytellers of our own existence – we all leave our identity behind…




I can’t help but think – why these atoms exist. They create so much drama… these energies take us off balance – from time to time – we fall into our pits – in the complications of our subsistence, but why…?  The DNA system is a unique code of our individuality building our character… which atoms are strong enough to be part of this structure – is the question… we need to ask…?  We can all change this molecular construction – if we desire to transform… How we exist – both materially and spiritually… will determine how we live and play…!




We are a generation ‘in need’ for a continuation… The hard work that goes into becoming a person – or accepting our circumstances only happens when we are forced to change for our existence. We only learn what we experience, the rest is a wonder… A question that we can deal with when we reach that point…!




The fact that we are tirelessly following others – for the sake of being part of a system – that ‘doesn’t serve anyone anymore’. Says a lot about the absence of our continuation – and about the stagnation of our survival…! Making change through these predicaments will be extremely difficult – discovering independence means taking huge strides. Lonesome expeditions into the unknown…!   Who wants to do that…?  What will we find on this journey and how will it help within our survival…? What can these atoms or bio-chemical reactions teach us about our existence…?   




What is the role… of these molecules – and do they have the capability to transform how we think, feel and act…? What is inside the anatomy that aids our subsistence – this is a movement that teaches us about self-independence.  This knowledge is all about understanding the entirety of our being…




There are various proficiencies within the body – that can aid any individual to subsist.  However, first we need to understand what fails our consciousness – when the energies of evolution and revolution start working negatively…?  What happens when our opponents infringe our internal consciousness – how does it feel…? We exhume everything – the science of reasoning is our consciousness that needs answers…! Self-control is all about understanding the entirety of the anatomy…?  There are numerous weapons of illusions that psychologically – haunt our human development.  The aim is about overcoming these mental and physical obstacles… Negative energies are constantly protruding the anatomy…! This is an act of self-preservation to overhaul these illusions…




What are the basic principles of this knowledge and how are these energies stimulated…?  Every system has a law and function…?  These energies subsist within our surroundings… but how do they manifest in and around our atmosphere. What is the systemisation of this knowledge and what are the basic elements of this activation…?  In this chapter, I’m going to highlight the experiences of evolution and revolution… to understand what these energies can teach us about our self-preservation…? How do these energies gather and multiply within our atmosphere – and connect to the fabric of our society…?




The body of knowledge resides inside the laws of evolution and revolution… it states that our whole atmosphere functions with these two energies – but how…? In this chapter – I’m going to investigate what happens when these atoms intensify. The anatomy is the vital instrument for this philosophy; this is the heartbeat of our human consciousness. A truly phenomenal system that conjoins with the cosmic law…




We need to break down the necessary parts of our consciousness to uncover our ‘identity’ and ‘self-awareness’… However, the exploration of this knowledge cannot embolden without the divine intervention… empathic pathways and conscientious thinking patterns are choices that one makes when absorbed in deep thought. The sophistication of this knowledge is profound; it is about engaging with our inner cognisance… this reflective progression is what conjoins our pathway with the universal law…




Energies are atoms that link to each other when suffused within their atmosphere.  These particles formulate differently – inwardly and outwardly – and they can work simultaneously… in many situations.  We all need to stimulate these energies productively… Our human development comes into fruition – when we are in the by-product of our manifestation…!


Being a mother of two children and experiencing the process of birth is incredible… this is a time when we often think of divinity’s greatest conceptions. This is the first awareness of our human life, and the initial thought process of the body of knowledge… The discovery of our self-awareness is turbulent, meaningful and forceful – it is not without loss, pain and sorrow… This is a transition between our inner and outer consciousness. The magic of the anatomy is how we choose to utilise these skills we develop for our subsistence…




We draw vital proficiencies from both worlds of consciousness to shape our identity. We learn to protect the ‘self’ – this is a natural law in every living creature… it’s called self-defence.




We are all philosophers of our individual experiences within our own world… and we all fall apart from time to time – when we do this, we draw turbulent and foreign energies. The atoms of evolution and revolution begin to work against each other…




The problem with these two energies is conflict; time governs one energy to work at one time… Therefore, we shift from one world to the other – these transitions are pivotal, yet – turbulent for our experiences.





What we perceive is what we believe – the mind is powerful, but how accurate is this analysis for our inner senses…? What impact does this effect have on the depictions of the world…?  We are all little pieces in the conundrums of our societies… we all have our own place. Our atmosphere develops how we think, and this is important…?




What is the difference between the energies of evolution and revolution… and how deep can this realisation be…? Life is an art; how can we understand the beauty of this existence…? 




The material and spiritual world plays a vital role within our thinking process. Stagnation is a development that limits how or in what way ‘individuals’ evolve…!





The mind and the brain are two different functions – that illustrate two distinctive types of mechanisms…! Our thinking process has a profound impact on our internal system.   ‘Inner consciousness’ is the prime source of survival – neglecting the material world is not advisable… This internal identity gives us an outward structure and a productive communication – for the world around us…




The mind is the vital instrument within our thinking process, without this sensory elevation; we cannot implore the customs of humanity… These atoms are only progressive – while the energies of evolution and revolution flow naturally – when they contest against each other.  They intensify becoming stressed and negative. Once these particles react – a parallel communication between these worlds is formed – to shape the dynamics of our thinking patterns.





The importance of our thought process develops through the science of reasoning’s – this provides our knowledge for our internal make-up. This is not about humanoids having a regimental structure – it’s about moderation… and still having the responsibility of action. We are independent hominids that want to achieve – we need to feel secure and progressive… to require a foundation of self-control.




A thought process is a powerful element within our consciousness – with a single thought – we can change how we view the world and ourselves…?  We can stop the process of hostility and halt the process of self- sabotage – if we can find the will-power within us…!




Why do these atoms become more significant when they work with our internal system? The greatest change comes internally to any humanoid – and the reason for this – is identification, learning to connect with an internal system requires knowledge and reflection for our belief system… This is an armour of protection.  Those experiences that we are affected by psychologically and physically are matters that need to be dealt with.  These scarring’s need answers and time to heal – however, our internal system doesn’t come to us straight away… An internal weapon is a mechanism built by our thought process, experiences and a belief system, which we create…!




Being unknown to our internal structure is fearful – no one treads in unfamiliar places unless we fall into it – and this isn’t a pleasurable experience…!  Our unknowingness elevates fear and anxiety…! Our internal and external identities are profound experiences – for our human expansion…




Our internal system is a structure that needs to be absorbed – this is a place we don’t often learn until – our experiences force us – to reflect upon our actions and surroundings.   We discover and learn to protect our inner being – the process of our inner reflections is a separate world built by many apparatuses… Apparitions, thoughts, visions and desires are a substance that stir our internal system… Our bio-chemical reactions can activate many emotions within us… The drive is how we deal with them.  When brain chemicals react with new bio-chemical reactions – atoms build onto existing structures. If this structure is fertile – we can gain knowledge and inner strength, but if this system is fragile – newer bio-chemical reactions are only going to overload, they will release chemicals of depression – and over a long duration of time – our internal system will breakdown.




The theology of the anatomy is about gaining internal and external strength… What we implore within the anatomy and how we retain ourselves is important…? How we think, observe – react and respond – to our atmosphere shapes the body of knowledge…?     Therefore, we are the sole individuals in control of our own anatomy. 



What are we going to gain from these two energies…? How can these energies affect our human growth…? What can we learn from these two atoms and how can they transmute…? The atoms of evolution and revolution are energies and once they react within the body, they form a bio-chemical reaction… When we begin to enquire about a thought, we begin to question, and we try to comprehend – we start to feel, and we aim to empathise…! The process of this sensitive response – cultivates.  This knowledge expands and the energies of evolution and revolution begin to transmute. Creating an identity that becomes part of our consciousness, character or condition…




Humanoids develop from various energies – these atoms transmute inside us – shaping our identity by modelling our psychological thought patterns.  As these emotions linger inside us, they will change character, configuration – and will form different reactions.  Through time these energies will mould and re-mould and begin to control how we behave, act and communicate within the fabric of our society.  It’s all about our sub-conscious and conscious behaviour patterns – and how they conform our expeditions… This is the dynamics inside the body of knowledge… Nothing really ever goes away – learning from our life experience is vital…!




 How the anatomy reacts depends on one’s internal structure…? These scarring’s over time transmute as we develop, taking on different emotions, identities and reactions as we evolve through time.  We proliferate more anxiety and encumbrance within the body of knowledge because we retain these energies inside us. 




As a result, the dynamics of these atoms transmute, producing a slow release of toxicity, which is harmful internally and externally.  These energies continue to transmute inside us, and they transfer outwardly because of the type of molecules we create inside us…!




What are the intellectual hindrances of the mind and brain?




The mind is the most powerful asset of the body – ‘the human computer’. This concept is a fuel, stirring the energies of evolution and revolution inside us… Knowledge is part of life and without intellect, we cannot proceed in this experience… The mind is the vital protocol of this complex organ…




Thereby, the basic fault within this problematic structure is power and capacity. The other complication is to find stability and steadiness that forms within our psyche… The mind can wander in many different fields of knowledge… This perception is the first opening of the spiritual world. It’s the path of consciousness, memory and reflection… this is all about our inner realisation…!




The development of the body of knowledge works closely with the chakra system… these energies are vital mechanisms that shape the anatomy – mentally and physically. This network has a natural system that shapes our personal, social and political coordination’s – everyone has a unique code and function… The chakra energies have a different implication, and it shares a vast insight into our identity and helps shape our social conditionings… The mind can travel anywhere, anytime, far and near – if the mind and soul are willing.  These transitions are psychological transmissions – the methods of telepathy, sixth sense and extra-sensory perceptions give insight to the body of knowledge.




The mind is not always consistent. Thereby, meditation, reflection or practice will develop this organ… the mind is the foundation of the body of knowledge.  Our cognizance cannot be static; it causes complications, the mind and brain both require training, education and knowledge… Without these mechanisms, this apparatus merely functions…




Mental instability is a major problem within the fabric of our society.  Our emotional well-being is a struggle and humanoids are not only beginning to recognise these problems, but are trying to overcome these matters…  




Where does one begin…? Our societal struggles are trends that build the anatomy… This happens through our sub-consciousness where we construct our social conditionings. These circumstances have not been addressed – in profound depths – to allow humanoids to know ‘the self’. Therefore, the façade that separates humans from their inner being is the greatest conflict… within the fabric of our society. These hindrances affect us internally and how we see humanity…? We are defenceless as humanoids if we can’t subsist. The growth of our internal consciousness is vital for this movement…




All these psychological scarring’s that we accumulate form numerous delusions and fears. Our negative attitudes will obstruct the growth of our thought process. This will affect how we form these dynamics. Stagnation halts the progression inside our subsistence…  We can neglect these problems – and refrain from these complications. The less we heal – the more hatred we consume and the more hostility we conflict within our civilisation.   The lessons we ought to learn are obstacles that we need to deal with – we can’t divert these problems to others… and this is where the cycle of abuse and manipulation begins.  We rather belittle others – then understand what is happening inside us…! There is no cure until we recognise, amend and restore…! This is the vital objective for the natural theology of the anatomy – to discover what our atmosphere states or requires from us… will shape an important worth inside our consciousness…?




During training, our muscles need to be ripped in order- for our muscles to grow… We must prepare ourselves psychologically first – our experiences will be stretched in-order to grow… before any physical changes are implored…




“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

– Albert Einstein




The instructions that evolution and revolution create – churn every negative and positive particle – we produce within the anatomy.  What we offer within the body – we give to our atmosphere. This is the vital development of our thought process…!




How we form our inner and outer mechanisms will shape our subsistence…? Our internal structure needs a process to survive consciously…!  We build this composition – through our life-long experiences. We enhance the bio-chemical reactions inside us and what emotions we adapt, from these circumstances – will produce our subsistence…  How willingly, we authorise these pitfalls to instil this learning process – will determine our trajectory. The modus of these pitfalls allow us to make a choice – the breakdown of the body of knowledge – is where our transformations begin. The need for a science of reasoning is important.  This movement is part of our human development – first we experience – then we ingest. The need to filter problems and accumulate a conclusion needs to materialise within the anatomy.  Finding a sense of release for a resolution – is part of our healing and expansion… A mechanism that manifests for our human development.  Contentment is key – nothing in life can be perfect. How we nurture ourselves is vital – for our subsistence…!




There will always be a fault in the anatomy… The human computer can relapse creating many errors inside the anatomy – and if we consume and not resolve we will overload… Our visions need to be appreciated accurately… We need to understand the mechanisms of these systems. As they play a pivotal role within our human growth.  Cognition, perception and vision – are all elements within the mind that need to develop to enhance the structure of our thinking patterns… This is an important configuration within the body of knowledge. The vehicle of our human understanding is the gear that governs both worlds of science… What are the elements that stir – this production of information within the body of knowledge – and how do we process this idea within our civilisation – to prompt change…?




Our emotions are elements that influence how bio-chemical reactions respond inside us.  They influence how we feel and how we project our characters. We are the architects of our minds, we are the best psychologist and healers for our subsistence… The problem with our society is that we rely further on others. If we were to focus more inwardly – to solve our problems, we will define our future more clearly and consciously… This is the vital need for our individual growth.  Where we can enjoy our social attributes better… Our image within our society is vital – when we infuse our inward and outward reflections – we can move mountains…!




“Faith faces everything that makes the world uncomfortable; pain, fear, loneliness, shame, death – and acts with a compassion by which these things are transformed, even exalted.”


– Samuel H. Miller




Our experiences transport our cognitional activities into our realisation, and this conforms our consciousness…?  These atoms are bio-chemical reactions built by our thoughts and experiences but mutated by our emotions.  These atoms are built differently by each individual… The science behind the elements of fire, water, air and earth – are mutable energies they transform our thought process and how we think…? This is an interesting process – without structure we build countless conundrums inside us…!  I’m going to look closely at the elements of fire, water, air and earth – to understand how – our thought process can be challenged by these mutating energies…?  I want to see if our consciousness can change the by-product of our manifestation… How can we rise above the lather – when it comes to our bio-chemical reactions…?





The mind and brain have the power to govern each aspect of the body… Every atom – is a story/experience… it’s all about our subsistence – but what emphasis will multiple atoms have on the anatomy…  How will these stories/experiences compile our whole identity… when they toil inside both our spiritual and material worlds…! These thinking patterns circulate inside our subsistence and these laws can form many loops and errors within our existence. When we have no guidance internally – we have no structure externally… Our internal conditionings are vital mechanisms for our survival…  




Our consciousness must be meticulous and not disillusioned… Errors within the human computer are often errors within our reasoning’s; this dictates our social movement… This modus transports the negative or positive energies inside the body – feeding our emotions through our thought process – congregating the direction in how we function…!




Atoms transcend within our public scrutiny communicating directly with our atmosphere. These psychological implementations will shape the footprints of any individual or society… What concludes in the apparatuses of fire, water, air and earth when all these fundaments meet is phenomenal…? Every situation or humanoid will concoct a different response…! How do these energies transform…? These elements affect the regeneration of our habitation and our eco-environments depend on this notion…




The physical and psychological effects within the body of knowledge – help build the fabric of our society and this shapes – how we develop our environment, culture and habitation…? These implementations determine our subsistence… Therefore, what we create – outwardly and inwardly will imitate the outcome of our continuation – and how the fabric of our society operates…?

The components of fire, water, air and earth are vital networks that helps shape each atom.  What we do with these energies is our choice – how we deal with these intrusions within the body of knowledge is part of our personal development…?  Whatever conclusion we accumulate we will implore within the fabric of our society. These four elements help to form each conscious atom uniquely, projected to aid the anatomy.




The psychology of each awareness – is conformed to help our subsistence. The mind is the vehicle of our thinking patterns – being clear within our consciousness will allow us to progress in our subsistence – in a forward movement – creatively…  A mind filled negatively are obstacles that need to be confronted – before the progress of our subsistence can endure forward… How can we retain energy or matter inside our thoughts…? And why and how – does this help our human development…? Let’s keep investigating…!   




“Hope is the pillar that holds the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.”

– Pliny the Elder




It has been stated that – global sea level will rise approximately 3 to 5 meters by 2050. Climate-change is said to increase; water levels will rise causing floods around the world. Winters will get wetter that will increase water in England to rise by at least 40% more by, 2080.




It’s incredible, but scientifically – about 71% of the Earth and 65% of the human body is made up of water, the make-up of our atmosphere is all connected…  Each cell that is formed for our subsistence is built by these four elements. This shapes our habitation and how we learn to continue within our atmosphere… cells, atoms and energy all need to transfer, transmute and transform inside our habitat… Humanoids are complex creatures – our subsistence, thought process and knowledge is made-up of the same elements… The tree of life builds our identity and what we learn within our stratosphere is what we yield from our atmosphere. This communication is important – the entire development of these four elements – comports our behaviour.   The conception that everything is connected is present… Each individual is part of this universal paradox… We need to learn to understand…




The elements of fire, water, air and earth and all important factors of the anatomy…!



In fact, all the components of fire, water, air and earth conform to build our consciousness and dwellings… this is our atmosphere. We harvest our human development through our subsistence. These components endure within the development of our habitation… shaping our thought process and our cultivation to form the body of knowledge… Our existence is impossible without these elements of science – they are crucial components that play a boundless role in our environments.



Where the effects of Climate change take us is unclear – though these changes will affect our habitation… As water level’s surge and the turbulence of natural disasters rise; the condition of our environments is imperilled. These energies are vital components for our continuation, as we must learn to adapt to these changes.


This world is the only place where humans can subsist… The earth is the land of Mother Nature (for now). This land is the sole platform that can bridge the knowledge of these two worlds together as one. These positive and negative energies in our atmosphere build our transits and the movement of our environment. The concept of heaven and hell conforms to our psychological thought process. These principles form the basic elements of our thought pattern – weight, matter and mood to each of these atoms…!



The psychology of this science should now be forming inside our conscious awareness – and this is why these energies need reasoning and a structure…!




Bio-chemical reactions are intellectual responses that subsist within the anatomy… Our emotions are made up from these elements the science of these energies reflect upon how we construct them. Water flows with our emotions – earth is where we subsist – air shapes uncertainty, and fire fuels our determination. Psychologically and materially, the anatomy states our subsistence – are these energies guiding us or are we controlling these energies…? The real question is… do we generate these energies for our subsistence or do these atoms emanate to help us…? 




These atoms are transforming and transmuting energies – they are everywhere – materially and spiritually forming the development within the fabric of our society… More importantly enhancing our intellectual process… In an overall analysis, these atoms are shaping our subsistence… with our identity towards humanity…




These atoms resonate with our conscious mind – and these energies are persistently circulating – through our bio-chemical reactions – which connects us with our breathing process to our atmosphere.  How we construct the anatomy is not what matters (it’s important but more decisively) – it’s how we control the body that is fundamental…?



“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

– Gandhi



The heat wave that happened in Europe in 2003, killed 35,000; the agricultural loss was around 15 billion dollars. It is said that this will be a commonplace by mid-century.  



We converse with the world daily – through our psychological and practical behaviour patterns. The laws of the material and spiritual worlds imply with the energies of evolution and revolution – to create these energies… No matter what conditioning the anatomy is in – or whatever the make-up – we cannot hide our blueprint… It is how well we can read someone – that will highlight one’s identity… The important factors of these four elements govern the body in innumerable ways. These elements help to build our thought process and our psychological platforms. The vitalities of these elements are profound components in the body that place both positive and negative origins inside us. These energies subsequently – develop and influence our environments and social surroundings – according to our own mindsets…!




Our culture and circumstances are vital stimulations for our human growth – how we subsist within the fabric of our society is animated within our internal development…  What can happen to individuals when they develop these atoms…? How can these elements construct the vital mechanisms of the anatomy…?  




“Hope is wanting something so eagerly that in spite of all the evidence that you’re not going to get it, you go right on wanting it and the remarkable thing about it is that this very act of hoping produces a kind of strength of its own.”

– Norman Vincent Peale



‘How we come across to others is deemed more important then how we feel about ourselves on the inside – how crazy is that – we worry about what others will think of us, but then who is worrying about us, if we aren’t…?  Others won’t help…? The body of knowledge states that only ‘the self’ can free themselves from mental and physical slavery…’



‘We are in control – of our existence.’



We are a cellular movement…!







Jagdeep Takk 2018