Master the anatomy and go all in…!




Humans are such a complex multi-layered creation. This one anatomy holds many templates and characteristics… All these personalities inside us are yearning for a survival… Every failed identity assists to echo our trauma… Fear is always upon us…! The process of this internal crisis is the main ingredient of our disappointments… What is the law of our subsistence – before success comes failure…! Before consciousness comes our sub-consciousness and before happiness comes despondency.  Before our mindfulness comes our ego… When we learn to master this progression, we will unearth valuable lessons and phenomenal expeditions. We are not born complete we become complete…! The vital mechanism inside us is the only apparatus that can aid our survival… If we can’t create a relationship with these internal conditionings, we will find it difficult to subsist externally…! The importance of self-love and self-empowerment is about being comfortable under our skin. When we fail to acknowledge this biochemical machinery we are not subsisting, we are procrastinating through constraints and confinements… We are born to consciously subsist not to morbidly exist. However, we need to learn to recognise this process to have this option…!  We are all energy, powered by our emotions… Do we allow these energies to control us or can we subsist – without having unnerving reactions affect the anatomy…?  If we can’t gain control of the anatomy, we can’t gain stability within our atmosphere.  When we allow our emotions to control us – the rule should be to learn from these biochemical reactions… When we learn to use this biochemical machinery, the anatomy commands that we are simply passing through these energies in time…!  But our human race is hindered in the stagnation of alienation, our isolation disempowers us, within our forward movement… The greatest dysfunction inside us – is the illusion that we are all separate from the rest of humankind… In this foundation of isolation, we depict our whole subsistence… until we go all in and find the courage to unlock these mechanisms, we cannot unearth this illusion…  Therefore, learn to master this anatomy and go all in…!



The anatomy is such a complex and versatile biochemical machinery…  Atoms are always being processed whether we understand this development or not.   When we are uninformed about how the anatomy works, we fail to understand ourselves… We are possibly, the only species that aren’t equipped for our survival…! How to use this anatomy is still perplexing…? Our survival is often blinding for our subsistence – we learn to procrastinate before we come into our biochemical machinery. There is certainly no manual…! This progression doesn’t come naturally, though it is a natural process… This biochemical machinery is born out of hardship. Through the failures that insists our self-importance. This dwelling constitutes how our rat race functions… Our social conditionings are hindered toxically inside this vicious cycle. Here, the heart leads and the mind navigates – this practise will convey our progress into the blue print of the anatomy. The biochemical machinery is just a mechanical mechanism of how these energies unlock our internal apparatuses for our forward movement.   The anatomy experiences these reactions and responses… The body can endure so much – it can bear many conflicts and still survive. What intrigues me the most is how the undercurrents of our internal conditionings can go undetected. How we can still appear normal on the surface of our skin…! We can suffer through these mental and emotional illnesses without recognising how these diseases are conforming our internal conditionings… Disorders like anxiety consumes and dominates our subsistence – but we still assume we are living an adequate life…! The only time we will really sense this disposition is when our cognitional activities have communicated how unavailable our senses have become through this experience… The impact of nothingness is a consequence of our own absence inside this vessel…! We don’t even acknowledge the impact of this procrastination process. How righteous we feel inside our self-perception will possess inside our stagnation. We are all enthralled humanoids our subsistence is all entangled inside us. Through, this cellular memory we either pile on fear or unchain this reactional dopamine feed… Therefore, how we endure through this existence is all about how we survive…  and our endurance is what passes through this time.  The fluctuation of our thought process is a movement through time and space… When we make these thoughts figuratively, we start to co-create these ideas through our social conditionings… This process is about sensing and perceiving our atmosphere for what it is worth before contributing to it…! We learn to condition our surroundings where we can comfort our fear.  These structures become our guides and then we process these laws into instructions… In reality we are all energy having a human experience through this biochemical machinery… We are going through the cycles of our emotional expansion through this process… What are these cycles, the anatomy has its own body clock through the cycle of change…?  When we unlock these internal conditionings, we can commence through these successions of change.  We all have a different body clock, and this is dependent on our progress – the more we device this theory the more resilient we become to our negative or toxic environments… Our transformations should teach us how to activate this process. When the anatomy speaks, take notes…! As we alter our thought process through these atoms of knowledge, we allow these energies to mature – for this anatomy to enhance, our growth mindset needs to expand. When we fail to develop our human progression, we remain inside these confinements… by holding onto old concepts we are holding onto atoms that don’t serve our existence.  These cycles cannot progress, our transformation should occur frequently – like our change in nature.  We are all part of the energies of evolution and revolution. We are all enthralled humanoids… uniquely designed to serve the anatomy.



The anatomy Is vastly complex, its connected to our atmosphere, when we learn to use this anatomy honestly for our progression, we can gain breakthroughs.  Acceptability within our subsistence won’t allow the anatomy to come into fruition…!  Every atom gives us a unique opportunity to understand the self… How we progress within our internal conditionings and how we utilize our atmosphere is extremely important for our forward movement. Inside the mechanisms of the anatomy we have discovered the soul of the matter – energy is the vital aspect of this biochemical experience… What happens inside these atoms of knowledge, when our energies become stagnant…?  We begin to shut down this natural progress of the anatomy.   Our social conditionings unable how we ought to operate this energy source and instead of manifesting this mechanical process – we start to encrust this energy with our external influences and fears… We prohibit these sensual energies and they disallow our cognitional activities to develop. Therefore, we revert our process inwardly in anxiousness, this forms the cycle of oppression… The meaning of life is lost inside the ethics of control and manipulation.  What’s more concerning is how little we give to ourselves in return of this materialised society… We are continually being taxed in every aspect of our subsistence…  The burden in this concept is that we are overtaxed to remain in this vicious cycle at the cost of our birth rights… to remain as empty vessels and not be the biochemical machinery of our subsistence… This new lease of funding is like a boomerang, it will eventually backfire… Predictably, the less fortunate who cannot voice their truth will be the ones to suffer… The fat cats are bribing us, by reassuring us that we are being assisted as a nation… Most of our social sectors are being funded satisfactorily to show us that we are now effortlessly getting out of this crisis…  We’re far from it… by holding onto the walls of this pit, and falsely creating the illusion that we are all safe… is a typical illusion that our new PM can make…!  





Note to self…!



Well, it’s not been easy to find stability inside this anatomy.  This whole process has been overwhelming… Really our emotions have no boundaries when we are suppressed, they will create the greatest diseases inside us…!  The failure of recognising this suffering is terrifying and highly unlikely to detect unaidedly. How many individuals become part of this cycle is disheartening…? What we go through within this illusion of isolation feels real and cognitively sensory… The monsters that await inside this machine are conformed by our own fears – and our dysfunctional societies won’t help to eradicate these deceptions… but the requirement to push through the concept of fear is needed, so we can conform into the creative creatures that we are designed to be…! The healthy boundaries that we keep inside the infrastructure of humanity is important… Today, every concept that binds humanity together is broken… and perhaps it’s time to fissure open our energy source and allow this process to flow… The natural phenomenon of our subsistence will prove more healing then the mediocre approach we endure… Can the anatomy survive untrained and without will-power…?  It is impossible for the anatomy to survive without utilising the skills of our inner conditionings… to master this anatomy, we need to go all in…! We need to learn to stop our procrastination process to disable the effects of our fear.  The way our societies function our trauma is often deep rooted, repairing and recognising this cellular memory is not easy… We insist there is nothing wrong inside our society… but the disorder of our human conditioning is diseased by conflict and deep-rooted trauma… The need for change inside every aspect of our subsistence is needed…!  We take the first step to freedom away from stagnation…!         






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