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Chat, video call, or find supportive self-help tips – on your mental well-being… we are creating healthy minds by breaking down these barriers of isolation. Inspiring individuals and specialising in areas of anxiety, emotional abuse and mental health issues…    


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The Body of Knowledge Mindful Programme – first step is a unique opportunity to understand the philosophy of the anatomy. There are many useful tips, take advantage of them…! Please see video for more details and email me for more information.  Thank you…   


Please note that I don’t deal with emergency relief in domestic and mental problems.  If you are in any life-threatening condition, please refer to the appropriate resources.


As the writer of the body of knowledge – I’ve acquired many skills and knowledge about the anatomy… Everyone – has the right to feel complete… Our transformations are amazing experiences – that can help us feel more abundant…Therefore, I can offer various skills and services to help create the by-product of our manifestation…   



The therapy I will provide will be based on the client’s needs – getting to the depth or root of these difficulties.  I will use my knowledge to reach out to your inner-being to help you access your own strengths. The placebo affect is about asking your body to self-heal and when we work through the apparatuses inside us, we can achieve our inward and outward objectives.   Our cognitional activities are conditionings that stimulate our thought patterns, how we think affects our behaviour and how we behave, projects our humanistic values.  The more we understand ourselves and the process of the anatomy – the happier we feel, because the anatomy is learning to progress effectively. It is being provided with the necessary skills that it needs to survive with… This will provide a person with a solid foundation, by using our consciousness to change our sub-conscious behaviour patterns. I’m passionate in helping people and to see individuals thrive through this transformation will be a profusion of richness for me. However, the more complicated the better, I enjoy exploring, and restoring, though know that change is key.  







Anxiety is one of the world’s most prominent problem – and it can be dealt with naturally.  It’s more about implementing a lifestyle change. The source of anxiety is associated directly with our fears, it connects to our nervous system – and the nervous system is the biggest organ in the body and one of the most neglected mechanism. It can go undetectable for years before we realise that we are suffering from such mental conditionings.   Most of these habits are generated in early childhood – and they are habits more than superficial problems.  The way we breathe and choose to absorb our observations are important factors – inside the process of our uneasiness.  It can stem further creating isolating feelings that generate negative thoughts, depression and hopelessness.

Being able to deal with anxiety will allow us all to function in a healthier way – being able to free ourselves from these negative thoughts – will open-up more doors for prosperity.  The fundamental objectivity of my work is to provide people with tools and skills that can allow individuals to feel more comfortable within themselves. When we gain self-control – we don’t only impact internally, we make positive changes socially. Personal issues within us are normally triggers that obstruct our social relationships. This will allow us to make life-changing decisions that can lead into positive destinations.  We all have different problems, but we share the same process.  I will work with people on a one-to-one basis to provide them with their own strengths. Every person is different, and we all come with limited beliefs, which need to be dealt with… Regular discussions and therapy work will benefit this progression – as a life coach I won’t allow any of my clients to sit on the fence.  Progress and results will be the key achievements.  Clear goals will be set by both me and the client. This can affectively be small group meetings that stem into individual consultations.  I’m a compassionate person and I believe by delivering a positive and genuine effective approach can make so much difference on people’s lives. For further information please email me on info@jtakk.co.uk  


Tip: home remedies for anxiety – the most useful therapy for anxiety is how we breathe and learn to recognise the train of thought we apply in this process – when we are in despair… Meditation is an effective way to deal with irregular palpitations of our heart movement. The core aspect of anxiety is when the heart has no control. Find a quiet place and give yourself the approval to control these emotional tremors. Accept the breakdown and instruct the heart to calm – regain the composition of peace within the whole anatomy.  Allow yourself that time – no problem can be dealt with affectively in compulsion. By doing this we are training the brain how to deal with these problems – and every time these feelings arouse the anatomy will recognise these signs, the brain will know how to deal with these triggers, and you can build a healthy way out of these unnatural patterns.




Control and Manipulation 

Domestic abuse

Child abuse





Control and manipulation is a term I’ve used widely within my forthcoming book.  I use it to describe the current conditionings of our human behaviour and this links into how we are conditioned personally and socially.  The roots of our communication stem from the factors of anxiety – but this aspect of our human conditionings often leads into abuse and to the mishandling of a person or people.  The problem with control and manipulation is the effect it has on the abused. However, when it comes to our co-dependant and dependant relationships these patterns are major eyeopeners into the carbon-prints of this behaviour.  Narcissistic development is a growing problem in todays world.  This prognosis is so common, we live in a time where self-image, social media and self-importance is our greatest objective and when we are nurtured by constant intimidation and bullying at such a young age – what we develop into is adult to adult abuse.  This is a progressive and growing problem.  This is a mild understanding of narcissism; the depth of communal narcissism is more fatal and toxic.  These characters are well hidden in our society and they rarely show their real faces. They hide by giving validations of their good deeds, while their motives are malicious. Narcissism will become more evident as our mental health awareness grows nationally, it should be considered unlawful – and in some places cohesive control is being considered an offence, it effects our mental conditioning – that can often lead to physical abuse.  It’s at the heart of domestic abuse and does appeal more to women and children. This is a national, work or social problem – therapy, self-love and the reconditioning of our inner-beliefs are commands that will impact change and restoration.  Being able to recognise these behaviours and learning how to refrain from these conditionings will stimulate positive and progressive change.  For more information please contact me on info@jtakk.co.uk


Tip: home remedies for control and manipulation – anxiety is a trigger for most mental health issues – this is the key factor that can lead into a nervous breakdown – due to most mental and emotional pressures of repeated traumas – in our associations with others. When we are in an unhealthy atmosphere, we are the most vulnerable – self-love and self-care is so important. Our inner-strength is the most effective tool for our survival, being able to speak out is so important.  The reminder that you have the same rights as anyone else is an indication that you are a human too – and are deserving of a normal lifestyle. Get help, confusion isn’t always a state that you are sensitive – it’s normally a trigger that narcissist or abusers use to manipulate.  No one is a muppet on a string…! The balance between our co-dependant and dependant relationships is a mutual understanding.



Mental Health



Negative thoughts




Mental health issues are on the rise – people are struggling more each day to survive in life because we excessively hold on to so much emotional baggage – these are neglected energies that are persistently circulating around us. When we don’t deal with these problems, we turn these difficulties into habits – in return these energies become our obstacles – the brain and mind is such a sensitive organ it needs structure, it needs objectivity and care to be able to survive.  When we constantly constrain and confine our thought process, we unable our forward movement – and become unhealthy in the way we pursue our lifestyle.  The more we hoarder and collect these negative thoughts of conflict – the more we imbed these habits within us – in fact, these thinking patterns quickly develop into a procrastination process.  Most of these problems are formed in childhood and these difficulties become patent imprints in how we behave within our adulthood. When we feel neglect, isolation and pain within the mind, we feel it in reality, and we believe that this is our experiences. This is a powerful organ – therefore, how we control these bio-chemical reactions is important to how we understand these emotional triggers.  They are communicating with the anatomy.  Are these mental health issues really problems – or is this beautiful mind our most misunderstood organ…?  Through this research I have learnt how important our emotional intelligence is within how we view the world. The basic tools in this development allows both the mind and heart to converge, which will help a person to develop their own independent belief of their continuation – our belief system is important for our imagination.  This is our primary sanctuary that provides the body with hope. By eliminating our negativity thinking patterns and replacing them with happy bio-chemical reactions, we can create a positive internal conditioning.  We are so oppressed within our societies; we heavily strain this organ and refuse to listen to our internal being… The anatomy is a precious place, we will spend our whole life inside our body. What we need to learn is how to use this biochemical machinery.  The process of how we function inside the structure of our atoms of knowledge will be taught. A person will be trained to gain life skills that will help them beyond the time we share together. For more information please contact me on info@jtakk.co.uk


Tip: home remedies for our mental health issues, the greatest conflict comes when we fail to understand and recognise what we are doing within our atmosphere. The mind is powerful what we feel is what we believe, reality can be different to this state of experience. When we allow the body to guide us – we permit our knowledge to be reflected back to us.  By learning to understand our sub-conscious behaviour patterns, we will discover our own glitches. The more we educate our own anatomy the more freedom we gain in making independent and healthy decisions. These are our birth rights – and it’s all about getting content with the uncomfortable…! We need to love every part of our body, identity and character.  When we are in despair or unable to understand ourselves – it’s difficult to explain to others, what we are feeling.  The best way to recognise our woes – is to sit in a room in pure silence – meditating… In the first ten or fifteen minutes all our negative thoughts will overshadow the process of our peaceful state.  Write these worries, feelings or problems down, contemplate this information and allow yourself to repair these complications – because we are the only ones that can solve or recognise our inner fears – once we can do this, we can reach out to others… We are constantly contemplating our problems; they are always present within our daily thinking patterns – we choose to ignore these nagging failures inside us – however, these bio-chemical reactions are communicating with us.